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National HBPA: More Than 600 Industry Stakeholders Show Support For Race-Day Lasix

by HBPA Press Release | 09.20.2019 | 12:31pm

An in-depth look at rules surrounding 100% bonus depreciation.

A unified industry group believes banning Lasix will adversely impact the health and welfare of racehorses, as well as the strength of our industry. Today, a letter was released with more than 600 signatures in support of protecting Lasix as a choice for horsemen and veterinarians to administer on race day for the well-being of equine and human athletes. The initial round of signatures from racing stakeholders features individuals from across the industry. Signatures will continue to be collected via email and through

The following are excerpts from the widely supported public letter:

“We are committed to reforms emphasizing transparency and developments that will address misunderstandings from those in the non-racing public, as well as ensuring our horses are treated with the highest degree of care. The eradication of our choice to administer race-day Lasix will not do any of those things.

“It is our belief that banning Lasix will adversely impact the health and welfare of our racehorses, as well as the strength of our industry. Research also proves an increased number of horses will bleed significantly out of their nostrils, or into their lungs, and an increased number will die.”

The letter goes on to say, “No one takes our stance on this position casually, but we believe we must not be led down a path created by perception and not facts. For this reason, we must stand for what is in the best interest and safety for our equine and human athletes.”

The public letter includes in this initial round of signatures: Rusty Arnold; Steve Asmussen; Buff Bradley; Bret Calhoun; Anita and James Cauley; Dr. Nancy Cole; Brad Cox; Boyd Caster; Wayne Catalano, Jake Delhomme; Michael Ann Ewing; Greg Foley; Vickie Foley; Tim Glyshaw; Larry Jones; Dallas Keen; Marshall Gramm; Dr. Chuck Kidder; Mike and Penny Lauer; Mike Maker; Ron Moquett; Randy Morse; Maggi Moss; Loren Hebel-Osborne; Joe Orseno; Joel Politi; Allen Poindexter; Louis J. Roussel III; Clay Sanders; Chester Thomas; Mike Tomlinson; Tom Van Berg; Kelly Von Hemel; Gary and Mary West; Ian Wilkes; Jack Wolf; Erv Woolsey. The entire list may be viewed on

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