About Us

Adrenaline. Excitement. Thrills. This is what Thoroughbred racing is all about. From breeding future racehorses to the proud moment of standing in the winner’s circle, horse racing has captured the hearts of fans and owners since it began.

At Circle 8 Ranch, our goal is simple. We offer affordable partnerships into the “Sport of Kings” for people who want to get involved in the fast-paced and exciting world of Thoroughbred horse racing. In the past, the door to ownership was only opened for those of substantial wealth, as the costs of purchasing a racehorse, as well as maintenance, training, feeding, veterinary care, and travel costs are expensive.

What used to only be available to the wealthy is now accessible to anyone. Joining a partnership at Circle 8 Ranch gives our investors the experience, the thrills, and the benefits of ownership at a fraction of the cost. Rather than one person purchasing one horse, we offer group partnerships where investors can purchase a percentage of one horse or a group of horses – spreading the financial risks and expenses among all the partners.

“Owning a thoroughbred racehorse is a fun-filled, exciting, and challenging endeavor! Seeing your horse load into the starting gate is intoxicating. Winning the race is one of the greatest experiences imaginable!”

Adrenaline. Excitement. Thrills!

Are you ready for racehorse ownership? We are ready to show you why partnering with Circle 8 Ranch is the answer!