Our partners are part of the Circle 8 Ranch team and, as a team, we work together to choose the best career path for the horses by listening to input from our trainers and veterinaries, as well as feedback from our riders.


At Circle 8 Ranch, partnerships are a cost-effective way to collectively realize the dream of ownership. What was once out-of-reach for many due to the exuberant financial obligations of buying a racehorse and maintaining that horse, is now attainable with the cost-sharing of a partnership. At Circle 8 Ranch, we are passionate about the racehorse industry, and we are dedicated to success for our partners. We focus not only on our partners individually, but also on making sure everyone is involved on strategy, communication, and industry news via email updates, phone calls, and meetings. We pride ourselves on delivering personal service, and we strive to build personal relationships. Our partners are part of the Circle 8 Ranch team and, as a team, we work together to choose the best career path for the horses by listening to input from our trainers and veterinaries, as well as feedback from our riders. All of this helps us – Circle 8 Ranch and our partners – to make the most sound and effective decisions for the horses.

“At Circle 8 Ranch, we offer partnership groups of individual horses. All budgets and goals are unique; therefore, we have packages available based on individual investor needs.”

Cost of Racehorse Ownership

Partner Benefits

  • Communication is Key!
    We make sure all of our partners have an open communication line with us directly throughout the entire process of the partnership with regular and ongoing updates on their horse’s training, breezing results, racing, and career strategy. We are only an email, a phone call, or a visit away and our doors are always open.
  • Open Door Access!
    Our partners, along with their family and guests have unlimited access to the racetrack where their horse is competing, including the barn area and training track! This also includes access to the paddock on race day, where they can converse with the trainer, jockey, and management to discuss strategy.
  • The Winners Circle!
    Our partners and their guests are the real winners when their horse crosses the finish line first – the moment millions have dreamed about. There isn’t a better way to experience the excitement than of a trip to the official Winners’ Circle and participation in the official winners’ photo!
  • Financial Reports!
    At Circle 8 Ranch, we are dedicated to full disclosure and transparency. We provide our partners with full and timely quarterly reports and statements that detail the expenses and income for their individual horses.
  • Billing Made Easy!
    One of the biggest complaints we have heard in regard to thoroughbred partnerships is the barrage of invoices sent throughout the month to the partners. Each expense, no matter how small, is sent with its own invoice, resulting in invoices all month long. To simplify this process, and make accounting much easier for our partners. We prepay all bills and then send only one invoice each month with expenses.
    When you become a partner with Circle 8 Ranch, we want to make sure you realize the exciting experience of horse ownership at the track! You will receive Club or Box seats at all races your horse competes in, along with the communal and country club experience with the other partners before the race and in the paddock! Of course, if your horse wins, you will be in the Winners' Circle! Of course, we also offer VIP concierge service for all the racing events and special events.


Buy Low. Sell High. Pinhooking is the business of purchasing young horses at one stage of their lives and then reselling them for a higher price at a different stage of their lives. For example, weanlings can be purchased at auctions or privately, and then resold as yearlings. Yearlings can be purchased and then trained to be sold as race-ready 2-year-olds. Pinhooking is a consistent business model that typically shows a solid rate of return on investment. Based on Barrett’s March, Fasig-Tipton February, Keeneland April, OBS February, and OBS March Source, the average ROI in 2017 for Yearlings and 2-Year-Olds was 88%!

In many ways, Pinhooking is a science. It’s based on instinct, experience, and market trends. When Circle 8 Ranch looks for pinhook prospects, we compile all the important factors to choose the very best investment, while fitting a profile of what the end users want. We look for elite equine athletes with good conformation, precocious pedigrees, marketable sire and dam lines, and performance. Our team of bloodstock agents, veterinaries, and equine conformation, pedigree, and market analysis experts all study each prospect to give our investors the advantage of a maximum return on their investments. We not only work with private sellers, we also target the major auctions across the globe to increase our ability to pick horses with the most potential.

Once an individual is purchased for our pinhook partnership program, the second most important factor is making sure the horse is conditioned properly and then positioned properly at the right sale in the right location. For the first six to eight months after horses are purchased, they begin the process of becoming racehorses. When they enter sales preparation, they are conditioned with an exercise and feed program for athletic development that is custom tailored to that particular horse. Just like people, horses are individuals. Therefore, a “cookie-cutter” approach to training and diet isn’t beneficial to turning out the best racehorses. At Circle 8 Ranch, we study our horses, we learn their personalities, and we tailor our training accordingly to enhance our horses’ abilities to win at the track.

DID YOU KNOW? Since the early 2000s, the average rate of return for pinhooking is $95,000! At Circle 8 Ranch, our goal is to provide investors with a minimum 8.5% return with a targeted return of upwards to 25%.

Adrenaline. Excitement. Thrills.

Are you ready for racehorse ownership? We are ready to show you why partnering with Circle 8 Ranch is the answer!